Crop Insurance Legacy

Generational expertise in the crop insurance industry, now shared to educate others.

Empowering Education

Offering online courses, podcasts, and blogs to demystify Federal Crop Insurance and empower informed decisions.

Ensuring Legacy Endures

Committed to preserving and passing down generations of knowledge for the benefit of future learners.



Rooted in a legacy spanning three generations, my journey in the crop insurance industry has been a lifelong commitment. With each passing year, I'veĀ picked upĀ invaluable insights and honed my expertise in Federal Crop Insurance.

Now, my mission is to share this wealth of knowledge with those eager to understand the intricacies of crop insurance. Through online courses, insightful podcasts, and engaging blogs, I aim to demystify this complex field and empower others to make informed decisions.

As I reflect on my heritage and the path ahead, I'm driven by a sense of responsibility. While my children may forge their own paths, I'm determined that the legacy of wisdom built over generations will endure, ensuring that this invaluable knowledge continues to benefit those who seek it.



From humble beginnings in the heart of central Montana, our family's journey in insurance spans four generations, each chapter marked by a commitment to service and expertise.

It all began in the 1930s when Leo McMeel Sr. established The Rocky Mountain Fire Insurance Company, catering to the needs of Montana's farmers and ranchers. With each passing decade, the torch was passed, from Leo Sr. to his son Leo Jr., who continued the legacy within a larger agency, honoring his father's dedication to Montana's agricultural community.

In 1979, Leo Jr. took a bold step, breaking away to establish an independent agency with his son-in-law, Reed Rydell. Over the following decades, Reed's steadfast dedication paved the way for the agency's continued growth and success.

In 2009, the reins were passed once more, as Mike and Di Rydell took the helm, steering the agency into the digital age while staying true to its roots. Today, as we honor our past, we're also focused on the future, leveraging our family's expertise to not only serve our clients but to educate and empower others through our online platform.

Our website stands as a testament to our family's enduring commitment ā€” a place where the wisdom amassed over generations meets the modern tools of education and empowerment. Together, we're not just safeguarding a legacy; we're ensuring it thrives, enriching the lives of those we serve and those who seek to learn.

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